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42 years old   Bellaire, United States


a woman, looking for a man aged 25-38
About me:
I am a total tomboy with a very sarcastic wit. I am more than capable of providing for and taking care of myself, so that means you just have to be fun to be around. I am very serious and dedicated when it comes to work, but when I hit the front door at the end of the day its play time. I am dangerously in love with my dogs and need someone who will share the bed with them :) If it is warm outside, then you probably find me outside, otherwise I will most likely be watching reality tv (I know, that one hurt) or playing something mindless on my Xbox. I am attracted to people that surprise me, no-not with gifts-with thoughts or actions. If I think I have you figured out I will usually get bored. I used to be embarrassed that I wasn't married in my early twenties like most others, but now I am in a place where I am so grateful for how it has all turned out! I firmly believe you can't even begin to figure yourself out until you have your own mortgage ;) I am not the girl that you put on your arm and expect to look good and be quiet....I am the girl that will make you laugh and be a friend. I think intelligence is extremely attractive, but only because its the intelligent ones that have the quickest wit and that is what I love the most.