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38 years old   Liberal, United States


a woman, looking for a man aged 27-34
5.3ft-5.6ft (161cm-170cm)
About me:
Okay, I have no idea what to write here. I am not going to lie... I am attempting to type as much meaningless fill-in crap as I can to avoid this part. You see, I think internet dating is odd... Well then, why am I doing this? I happen to know some people who are attempting to change my opinion. They explain to me that "a girl like" me should not be single. I am glad that they believe that I am so amazing, however, I am also to blame. I am quite specific in what I am looking for, and do not believe in settling for anything less. On the other side I do not believe that a man should be with me if I am not all that he desires. I make an excellent friend. I have a lot of male friends, and I adore every one of them. I am in no way "one of the guys" though. I am their girl. They are protective of me, and they look out for me, but they are uncensored around me, and completely honest. They are not over protective, or mean in any way when we are out. They are really just good down to earth friendly people. We all are. I love to laugh, and live life. I am adaptable to just about every and any situation. I am not big on stressing out, or freaking out at all. I do not do the whole jealousy thing, or handle jealousy well. I do not believe in, or understand cheating. I love people. I never judge anyone based off of anything other than what they show to me. What they do, where they're from, etc. is not as important as who they are. I am extremely silly, like borderline ridiculous... But, I have a serious side which does emerge on a rare occasion... I like cheese.